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Our Team’s Take on the Top Five Trending Promotional Merchandise Items

Picking out your promotional merchandise can be tough. That’s why we pulled together the experts at Printfection and asked them about the most popular items they see day-to-day. From lists of items specific to a technology-centric audience to really great t-shirt ideas, we’re always impressed with our merchandise team’s knowledge. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg with a list of five currently trending items. We hope you’ll stay tuned in for additional ideas in the near future.


Five Currently Trending Items


Water Bottles with Speakers


Water bottles and speakers are some of the most popular items we see, and this combines them both! We’re noticing a big uptick in demand in North America and Europe as we approach the warmer months. Get your jam on while you hydrate? Heck yes!  




Mic Block 


Webcam covers have been a popular item for a the last year or two to help with visual privacy. Now you can have the same privacy when it comes to audio – use these Mic Blocks to prevent any output of sound from your computer.





Pebble Power Charger


Power banks have been really popular with all demographics. With the proliferation of smart devices, virtually everyone needs a backup battery. This power bank from Pebble has a unique look and feel with a special eye on design — swag aesthetics are becoming increasingly important, so try not to skimp!




RuMe cFold Travel Duffle

Bags are a great functional product, and this one kicks things up a notch. It easily packs down into a small pouch to take on the road and is extremely useful when expanded. Made of high quality water resistant materials, it even sports an exterior pocket!





Custom Dress Socks


Believe it or not, socks have been flying off our shelves. They are incredibly customizable, often great conversation-starters, and one of the most coveted items. Bring these to your next event and we promise you’ll be getting requests for more.