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Topic: Swag Management

Event Packing — What it is and what’s changed

Event Packing: A key to less headaches at trade shows. Ever worked an event booth? Then you know the pain and panic of frantically rifling through a disorganized box of swag to find the right size t-shirt while your prospect or customer waits on the other side of the table. The trick is to separate, package, and label your swag… read more.

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7 Ways to use marketing swag to smash your revenue goals

Marketing swag, or schwag, often sports a poor reputation. If you’re in Marketing or Sales, you might not view it as an incredibly strategic or important part of your success. But that mindset leaves serious money on the table. Here are 7 ways you can use marketing swag to smash your company’s revenue goals – some of which you may… read more.

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What is Swag Management (and Why You Should Even Care)

Swag management is hardly a popular term on Google. Yet, most companies are already managing swag today — and doing it better can lead to tremendous benefits in saved time and increased revenue. Unfortunately, the term ‘swag’ often causes confusion, so let’s first clear that up. By swag, we’re referring to promotional merchandise, or promotional products, among many other terms. … read more.

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