Every single thing you do in life, every new skill, new concept, new whatever, you’ll never be the best, at least at first. You’re never going to be the fastest runner on day one. You’ll never know the most about business the day you graduate. You’ll never have the best blog, ground breaking book, any of it. You’re never going to have any of it, until, all of a sudden, you do.

Starting out, everywhere you look, someone is going to be better at what you want to do. Someone will have done nearly everything you can think of better than you thought of it. This realization can be horrible. Why even try if there are so many people already doing what you want to do? And doing an amazing job at it?

Take this blog for example. This is one of the reasons it took so long for me to start blogging. Everywhere I looked, someone wrote what I was going to write, better than me. Not a single thing I’ve written has been earth shattering, new, or really that amazingly insightful. Non of my posts are even written all that well either. And if you do some simple searches you’ll find entrepreneurs with way more experience, with a much better writing style, who’ve written more in-depth articles about everything I’ve written about. I haven’t copied anyone, this is all from my own experience but that doesn’t change that they’re out there.

So why do it? Why attempt something, anything, when there are hundreds or thousands of people already doing it?

Because that’s the only way to ever be the best, to learn. You have to get through the crap first, you have to be a nobody first. You can’t skip this step. You can’t go from nothing to everything in one step. This is where you have to live for yourself. No one cares about you while you’re wading through the crap, while you’re a nobody. It’s all on you. This stage is also extremely uncomfortable. You’re learning the ropes, you’re the underdog with no credibility.

But this also sheds light on a huge opportunity. It gives you a way to tell if you’re improving your life, a way to tell if you’re moving forward. If you can never be the best until you go through the crap all you have to do is ask yourself a simple question. How much crap am I going through right now? How uncomfortable do I feel every day? How much am I putting myself out there, regardless of the response.

This can also be a really exciting time if you let it be. Once you’re the expert the learning curve dies out. You know 90% of what’s out there, the new revelations don’t come very often. But this crap stage. Every day is something new. Every day you’ve improved, you’ve done something exciting, it’s exhilarating, if you let it be.