Cubicle FarmCould your startup shut down your office and go virtual—by next Friday? Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Even though you’d save lots of money on rent, never waste away in another rush hour traffic jam, and be able to hire the best talent regardless of location, you’re probably still thinking to yourself—that’s impossible. My situation is different. We made up excuses too—for six years! But now we’re about to find out what it’s really like to be free from the shackles of office life.

There’s a lot of talk about telecommuting from home. But not much about companies where everyone works from home all the time. Sure, some companies let their employees work remotely now and then. Some companies even have a small percentage of their staff working from home full-time. And there’s a few who fully embraced distributed teams. 37signals preaches great people are everywhere. But then again, they just moved into their fancy new Chicago office.

What about small companies with no office whatsoever. I’m talking about real companies generating real profits sans headquarters. Is it possible? Profitable? Or just plain crazy?

We’re about to find out if sending everyone home was a good idea or a grave mistake. Last month we kissed our swanky Downtown Denver office goodbye. After six years in business, this is the first time Printfection’s never had an office.

Stay tuned for our upcoming series of blog posts about ditching your office and working remote. Learn what provoked our sudden disdain for office life, how we went virtual in less than two weeks, what still scares the hell out of us, and most importantly—if we’re happy with our decision or living in home-office hell.

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PS – for clarification, we’re still printing from commercial production facilities. Working from home refers to everything except production.