Expensive Hug

I’ve never met a nice company. Sure, I’ve come across plenty of amazing companies. Some companies have gone above and beyond to help me use their products. Some have customer service to die for. I’ve even dealt with companies that upgraded my shipping and gave me discounts without my asking for them. But I’ve never met a truly nice company.

Let’s define what I mean by “nice.” Nice, as in how you’re nice to your mom. Or how your best friend goes out of their way to cheer you up, expecting nothing in return. Or how your spouse brings you flowers or gifts for no reason. People are genuinely nice all the time to people they care about. Why not companies?

How many companies have done something for you, expecting nothing in return? How many companies do you have a meaningful relationship with? How many companies will send you a gift out of the blue, just to say thanks?

The more I think about how much nicer companies could be, the angrier I get. I’ve received gifts from only two companies—ever! And that was because Printfection spends a crazy amount of money with them. What did I get? A coffee mug, some chocolate and some mints, all at Christmas. What about all of those other companies with whom we spend tens of thousands of dollars a year, ones that I never hear from unless I proactively call about a problem? What about all of those companies I pay for in my personal life, even if not thousands of dollars? It would cost them almost nothing to send a gift or say thanks—anything to show they care. But they don’t, ever!

Are you nice to your customers? Do you treat them the way you treat a good friend? When was the last time your organization went out of its way to say thanks, just because, or did something for a customer without asking for anything in return—and certainly without performing the act of kindness as a gimmick to attract more customers?

I’m tired of dealing with companies that don’t care about me. Do your customers feel the same way?