Another day, another startup shirt. But some clearly standout from the rest. Check out these awesome startup threads, found through a quick search on the Internet this week:

1. Loggly’s t-shirt via Loggly. Love how this shirt shows their true fun character and features a catchy saying.

Because this shirt doesn’t just feature a boring logo, people are stoked to wear it. Loggly even had this to say, “We are proud to say that people actually wear our swag out and about, track us down at events specifically to get their hands on it, and tweet at us to ask about how they can get it. We’ve even been offered money for the shirts off our backs, no joke.

2. Wander‘s t-shirt via Keenan Cummings. Great illustration, particularly set against the beautiful blue shirt too.

“Here is the final Wander T-Shirt. I’m not much of a t-shirt guy so the bar was set at ‘would I wear this?’. Happy with how it turned out.”

3. Foodspotting’s t-shirt via Foodspotting. This shirt is cool because it’s all about the person wearing it- you can show off your passion.

4. Tikly‘s tees via Silicon Prairie News. This shirt caught my interest because I had to do a double-take and re-read it.

5. 9Clouds t-shirt via Silicon Prairie News. Love the playful adorable clouds on this shirt.

6. Don’t Panic Labs tees via Silicon Prairie News. Wow! Love the colors and the design- a great way to stand out from the crowd.

7. (Warning shameless self-promotion ahead) The Denver Startup Week tshirt, available now for only $5 (model and sunset not included). Sharp-lookin’ contrast between the logo and charcoal coloring of the shirt. And it speaks to the customer’s passion and location.

Do you have a favorite? Please share any startup t-shirts you’ve spotted!