Two years ago when we ditched our downtown office in lieu of working from home, we thought we were making the right decision but still had some major concerns about how it was going to play out. Some of the biggest unanswered questions at the time involved the fate of our work ethic, communication, and company culture. I wanted to share with you what has happened in each of those areas.

Will work get done, or will everyone start slacking off?

I’m excited to say that more work has been completed! Our 40 hour work week is long gone. Instead we’re operating based on flexible schedules, so people can work when they’re at their best. Plus these flexible hours allow us to easily work with contractors whom hold down 9-5 jobs, because we’re always free to work around their time constraints.

Will we still interact with each other socially or turn into hermits?

I’m ashamed to admit that we might have actually turn into hermits during our first few months. Many times we would realize that we’d not left our houses for days. “Groceries? What are those?” As it turns out, we really do need to have face to face time, so we started meeting up again once per week in a local coffee shop for bigger discussions. Right now, we’re actually discussing getting a work space so people can voluntarily work there when they’re seeking good ol’ human interaction and feedback.

How can we maintain our culture without a physical meeting space?

Our culture is still great and thriving, though there are some definite pros and cons to working virtually. With two large company planning events per year, that gather all employees together in the same space we’ve been able to maintain our cohesion. In addition sporadic activities like bowling, happy hours, and startup conferences provide great excuses to get together and build on our culture.

Moral of the story- we’re happy and thriving. Though perhaps the ideal set up is a mix between working virtually several days a week as well as working from an office (or shared space) the other days. As we potentially head down that road, we’ll keep you posted!