You’re probably building out your 2012 plans, trying to grow your brand as fast as you can this coming year. Which often means hiring on additional resources. I know a lot of startups are hiring like crazy right now to meet their growth goals. Which is why I wanted to share some advice I received from one of my mentors. Someone who’s built and sold multi-million dollar companies for a huge profits. Someone who lives for the challenge of building great companies.

Looks like you are moving things along nicely. Resist the temptation to hire too fast. Better to have a growing savings account and work a little harder than a depleting one and be able to go home early every day. I’ve found it hard to “force” growth, reinvest only where you’ve tested sufficient ROI from a marketing standpoint.

In a world of $10,000 hiring bounties you don’t hear advice like this enough. Thankfully though, a lot of the smartest, most successful entrepreneurs I know advocate a hire less, hire later approach.

What do you think? Why is there such a fundamental difference between how some companies hire, hire, hire and others hold off as long as possible?