The tech industry has a problem. We think our shit doesn’t stink.

Seriously, why do we have so many delusional, arrogant thoughts? For example:

  • We have nothing to learn unless it’s on TechCrunch or delivered by RSS to Google Reader.
  • We’re better than everyone in the ‘traditional’ world. Why on earth would anyone want to work for corporate america, a blue collar job, or live anywhere except SF or NYC?
  • What could we possibly learn from the suits? Insurance agents are the devil!
  • Rule of thumb: If they’re not on Twitter, they’re probably out of the loop & not worth your time.
  • We’re changing the world. Every day we invent stuff regular people won’t understand for years. This proves we’re better than most other people.
  • Because nobody understands us, we pat each other on the back and drink a lot of our own kool-aid.
  • Tech conferences are the shit. I met Tim Ferris, Kevin Rose and Scoble!
  • Exponential growth is more important than making money. Hire, hire, hire.
  • I don’t need to understand financial statements. Cost-cutting isn’t important. Someday I’ll hire an MBA to worry about that ‘business’ stuff. For now, it’s all about top-line revenue growth.
  • My parents are entrepreneurs too, but I can’t learn anything from them.
  • Creating an internet business is different. It’s not like other businesses.

At one point in time, I was guilty of most of these thoughts. I drank the kool-aid too.

But no longer. There’s so much to learn from the ‘traditional’ world. Smart people are everywhere. The more I try to learn from people outside the tech-bubble, the more I realize: Internet-based businesses are no different.

Or are they? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments!