Well folks it’s that time of year again. The time when South By Southwest (SXSW) begins to fill your Twitter stream even though it’s months away. If you’re not familiar with the event, SXSW Interactive is an annual conference held in Austin, TX during March every year intended to foster creativity, innovation, and professional growth.

So why the fuss so early? It’s because voting for panels has officially begun! While thousands of panels are submitted each year only about 300 can actually happen due to space and time constraints, so crowd-voting combined with input from an advisory panel are used to select the best. I’ve curated 10 panels I think you’ll find interesting. If you like ‘em vote them up, so that they can actually happen!

(Via @stefrodriguezzz)

1. CEO at 21: Avoiding Pitfalls of Young Founders

  • Featuring J.J. Colao Forbes, Nikhil Sethi Adaptly & Zach Sims Codecademy
  • At an age when most college grads are happily taking orders on the bottommost corporate rung, CEOs Zach Sims and Nikhil Sethi (22 and 23 years-old, respectively) are leading fast growing businesses. In this panel, moderator J.J. Colao, a 25 year-old Forbes magazine reporter covering entrepreneurs, speaks with Sims and Sethi about their experiences running top-tier startups and their advice for the next crop of young founders.

2. The Future of Music Making 

  • Featuring Ernst Nathorst-Böös Propellerhead, Prerna Gupta Khush (now part of Smule), Dan Walton Retronyms, Henrik Lenberg SoundCloud 
  • All you need is a $4.99 app for your smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to create the next big hit. Or…? This panel takes the temperature on the rapidly changing music software space and asks whether the huge success of mobile apps will give us more great music in the future and if mobile music making is just a fun hobby or for serious music creators?

3. Pinning and Winning: Activating Social Contests

  • Featuring Adriana Kampfner CMP.LY, Linda Goldstein Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLC, Ben Pickering Strutta, Erika Brookes Oracle
  • This panel will take a look at changing platforms, new challenges and emerging best practices with regard to giveaways, sweeps and contests across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

4. Sweet Memes Are Made of This: How to Go Viral

  • Featuring Michael Selvidge Twilio, Lian Amaris Songbird, Ricky Robinett Ordr.in, Peter Shankman Vocus Inc 
  • Though virality can’t be guaranteed, there are a few ways to best position a creation to become a meme. From tactical tagging to tweeting at influencers, the panel will discuss the “how,” “when,” and “who” of strategic creation, so companies can target the best audience that will want and need to share their content.

5. Using an API vs Building in-house

  • Featuring Jeff Lawson Twilio, John Collison Stripe, Jim Franklin SendGrid, Scott Kveton Urban Airship 
  • Panelists from e-commerce platform Shopify, online payments processor Stripe, voice and SMS API Twilio, email deliverability leaders SendGrid, push notifications specialist Urban Airship and venture capital pioneers Bessemer Venture Partners will tackle the successful and not-so-successful ways that entrepreneurs today build and grow their businesses with APIs. Taken from their own experiences and partnerships, the panel will discuss dos and don’ts and debate when to build yourself or buy from someone else.

6. What’s So Funny About Innovation?

  • Featuring Paul Valerio Method, Inc., Baratunde Thurston Cultivated Wit
  • Join Paul Valerio, Principal at experience design firm, Method, and Baratunde Thurston, comedian and best-selling author, for a Q&A around comedy and how it can be used for brand, product, and service innovation.

7. What Technology Gets Us to the Jetsons?

  • Featuring Peter Cook Bluetooth SIG 
  • This session will discuss the different technologies connecting the M2M market – from Bluetooth to RFID, from Wi-Fi to Cellular – granularly discussing the technologies, their differentiators, what scenarios they are perfect for and what, from a technology standpoint, is still missing.

8. Sneakers & Technology pt 2: Experiences by Design

  • Featuring Trevor Eld R/GA 
  • As a continuation of Sneakers & Technology: A True Love Story, this panel will continue the discussion of the storied relationship between technological innovation and the sneaker industry. In this installment, we’ll be covering the amazing sneaker innovations from the past year, the experiences they’re creating, and how our lives are, and will be, affected by them.

9. The Startup Library: Reading like an Entrepreneur

  • Featuring Kevin Smokler Self-Employed Will Schwalbe Cookstr 
  • In this session, startup veterans/authors Will Schwalbe and Kevin Smokler will look at three reasons why entrepreneurs must hit the books–Canonical (i.e. which books to read and when), Neurological (the effect of reading on the entrepreneurial brain) and Contextual (how reading improves product vision, market understanding and issues of user experience). You’ll exit with your own reading list inspired by the reading lists of great entreprenerus as well as tools on maximizing reading time.

10. Is the Internet America’s Third Party?

  • Featuring Maura Corbett Glen Echo Group, Mark Colwell Sen. Jerry Moran, Laurent Crenshaw Rep. Darrell Issa, Marvin Amori The Ammori Group
  • In 2012, you had bitter, polarized Republicans and Democrats – and then you had the Internet. If any of that was in doubt, on January 18, 2012 the Internet officially arrived. SOPA and PIPA were the bills that may be discussed for years to come as the acronyms that changed it all. In the form of 3.9 million tweets, 2,000 people a second trying to call their Members and more than 5,000 people a minute signing petitions, netizens from across the nation spoke out.

Did I miss any you’re excited about? Please feel free to share!