As far as I can tell startups have changed the way Americans watch and enjoy the Olympics, and never has this been more apparent than with the Summer 2012 Olympics in London. While we used to gather around the televisions in our living rooms with friends and family, cheering on our country, we’re now able to share the experience with more of our fellow Americans. Our cheers are able to spread much further than our voices alone could have ever carried them. For example, check out these 5 ways startups are influencing how we’re enjoying the Olympics this year:

(Via @sam_bon84)

  1. People are turning in droves to Twitter to vent their frustration about NBC’s delayed showing of certain events; just check out #NBCfail to see what I’m talking about. Voices have been so strong there that NBC’s CEO is even jumping on to address some of the concerns. They’re also chattering with their friends about event results and athletes they’re excited about.
  2. Instagram has introduced a powerful way for viewers and athletes to snap pictures behind the scenes of the people and the venues.
  3. Fans are storing pictures of their favorite athletes, Olympic related crafts, and icons on Pinterest, creating a virtual scrapbook they can enjoy forever.
  4. People are even finding Olympic swag to sport, by backing projects on Kickstarter.
  5. And they’re snagging Olympic jewelry to wear from Etsy.

So whether it’s the outfit you’re wearing, or the way you’re talking- odds are you’re enjoying the Olympics in a new style.