You probably need a beer. If not for your sanity, than for a game of beer-pong. I know I do; it’s just been that kind of week.

One of the coolest things about Colorado, and Denver specifically is the thriving craft beer community. It’s actually pretty similar to the startup community in that these folks are generally launching a business from scratch to bring their creative brews to the public. And more often than not they do it through boot-strapping. For more insights on the process check out Sam Calagione’s (Founder of Dogfish Head) book Brewing up a Business.

(via @wbw2011)

Anyhow over the past year or so, there’s been a lot of talk about how the craft beer movement is taking over the US. So I thought it would be fun to take a look at a couple craft beer startups currently trying to make their way on Kickstarter.

Here’s a guide to 5 awesome projects to keep your brewskies flowing this week:

1.) Craftie: the perfect app for craft beer lovers: Craftie will be unique because it focuses solely on craft beer, and will house a robust database of the country’s finest breweries and the great craft beers that they produce. It will provide detailed descriptions and allow you to log breweries you’ve visited and beers you’ve tried.

2.)  Firefly Brewing Co: Created by the guys who run Brew & Wine Hobby, a homebrew shop in East Hartford, CT- this project sets out to open a brewery in Bristol. They are committed to recycling, reusing, and supporting American manufacturing where-ever possible. And they plan to start with a 7 barrel brewhouse fabricated from re-purposed dairy tanks, modified syrup tanks, and miscellaneous stainless vessels.

3.) TwinHops Brewing Co: Founded by Scott, Brad, and Rick Burton; three brothers with a passion for great American beer this brewery will specialize in traditional, non-traditional, and experimental styles of beer. And they want to open up in Denver!

4.) Blacklist Brewing Project: it’s like a beer-art-of-the-month-club: Teaming up with MN and WI artists they take a fresh look at beer and how beer should be experienced; creating narratives and artworks that will give you something to talk about. They take pride in producing unique and innovative beers that will push boundaries, break styles and aim to defy expectations, and not just by adding more hops.

5.) Seventh Son Brewery: Vlad and Colin are hoping to open up this brewery in Columbus. Their first two offerings will be a hoppy, yet balanced American Strong called “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” and his ornery brother, a Foreign Export Stout named “Black Sheep.”  And they aim to produce 1000 barrels of beer in their first year.

No reason not to drink up, my friends!