Well now that the leaves are falling in hoards, surely you know it’s that time of year again. The time you test your patience with an Exacto knife and pumpkin. I’ve gathered the most inspiring technology and startup related pumpkins (did you even know there was such a thing!? pumpkin marketing rocks!) for you to use as a roadmap when envisioning the masterpiece that will grace your (and your office’s) front stoop this Halloween.

1. The Steve Jobs Pumpkin via Rock Health

2. The Quora “Up-Vote” Pumpkin via Fahd Butt

3. The Twitter Fail Whale Pumpkin via Luke Bornheimer

4. Tell Apart’s Pumpkin via Tell Apart

5. The Foursquare Pumpkin via Jennifer Hodge

6. The Zaarly Pumpkin via Zaarly

7. The Pinterest Pumpkin via Justin Edmund

8. The Facebook Pumpkin via IT Business

9. The Android Pumpkin via IT Business

10. Artfinder’s Pumpkin via Mrlerone

11. And the scariest pumpkin of all, for startup web designers- the Comic Sans Pumpkin via Jesse Harding

Will your startup be pumpkin carving this year?