There’s a lot of great advice floating around the blogosphere about how to grow your website, startup, business, whatever. But there’s something important to keep in mind when reading all this advice. Something nobody ever talks about.

99% of the advice you’re getting is written by already-successful entrepreneurs. And because they’re already successful, their advice is rarely applicable to the fledgling, green entrepreneur (that’d be you, my friend).

For example, do any of these blog headlines sound familiar?

  • 5 strategies for improving your marketing
  • Why blogging is the best way to acquire new customers
  • How to become a thought leader in your industry

Harmless, right? Why wouldn’t you want to improve your marketing? Why wouldn’t you use blogging to acquire new customers? It sounds so harmless. But if you’re just starting out, this kind of advice is lethal. Here’s why:

  • If you haven’t even started marketing, you shouldn’t be worrying about how to improve it. Just get started, do something, anything! Reading marketing blogs is just going to confuse and slow you down (yes, even this one).
  • Many successful entrepreneurs admit blogging is a terrible customer acquisition strategy when first getting started. You’re better off focusing on email list building, or other more basic marketing strategies. Yet these same successful entrepreneurs already built their email list years ago, so writing about these basic strategies is boring, old-news that won’t increase their RSS subscriber count.
  • If you’re a nobody just getting started, becoming a ‘thought leader’ isn’t going to do you a damn bit of good. First, focus on the basics. And then when you actually know something worth sharing with the world, you won’t need to read blog posts about how to become a thought leader. You’ll already be one.

Bottom line: Every successful entrepreneur you’re trying to emulate slogged through a lot of shit before they started writing the blog posts you’re reading. The advice you really need is how to slog through the shit, but because they were busy slogging, they weren’t writing about it. Why? Because you can’t slog through shit and write about it at the same time – you’ll drown and die.

It’s a blogging catch-22 rarely discussed. You’ve been warned!