Simplicity is usually a focus of customer centric projects. Make your website so easy you don’t need help pages. Your marketing message should be so easy you can pitch it in one sentence or one elevator ride. Only focus on the critical features and prevent feature bloat. How this is actually accomplished is even more important though.

The best way to build a simple, focused product is by first building a simple, focused team. Create a very simple vision your entire team understands and can get behind. Give them simple tools and simple focuses. Get rid of feature lists and bug lists. In fact, get rid of any list longer than a few immediately actionable items. Get rid of unnecessary services or processes. Get rid of titles and hierarchy. The simpler you can make your team and your company, the easier it will be to create the ideal product.

Talk to your team about simplicity inside and out. Their focus should be on simplicity in everything they do, not just what they create. Enlist them to help you cut the fat. It’s very easy for everybody to get caught up in unnecessary tasks or get overloaded by the sheer number of things to do. As long as you have a good vision, allow your employees to ignore everything beyond their immediate goals.

Simple does not mean easy. This is much harder to create than a complex company. But the ROI on simplicity is definitely worth the effort.