Selling to the customer or a market segment is widely talked about but the same principles apply to your team. Your goal, at every meeting, during every interaction should be to sell your vision to your employees. If your own team doesn’t buy your vision, how will the customer? And I mean truly buy it. You’ll know it’s working when they believe it’s their own vision and take it beyond anything you had imagined.

You can preach all day, you can force them to work on project X or project Y, but you’ll never fully utilize your team until they believe what you’re selling. This includes company wide visions, marketing plans, the importance of simplicity, whatever it is your selling, they have to buy it, whole heartily.

It’s hard work to sell. Much easier to dictate. You’ll have to sit down for hours at a time with your team, with individuals, time and time again. You’ll have to refine it, simplify it, package it differently. But once you finally do sell it, the ROI is through the roof.

You’ll be amazed at the results. Communication will flow 100 times faster. Meetings will actually mean something. You’ll get help from areas of the company you had never thought of. You’ve got an amazing group of people helping you build your company. Take the shackles off and really let them work with you, not for you.