While its IPO may have been over-hyped, there’s no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool in your marketing plan.  So we’ve come up with a couple content ideas for your fanpage to help increase the reach and influence of your brand:

  • Share photos of your company at events or parties (and be sure to tag your customers if you can).
  • Give a shout out to your most active fan each week.
  • Announce and link to new products or features you roll out.
  • Be responsive if someone has a customer service question.
  • Create an album of photos of fans and employees using your merch and sporting your threads (encourage them to post these on your wall at any time).
  • Share relevant industry news, including your own blog posts.
  • Be sure to switch over to the new Timeline feature as it’ll show you’re ahead of the early adopter curve, and update your large cover photo as it gives you more room to promote your own branding/image at the top.
  • Have clients and fans vote on new features or designs.
  • Run a Facebook contest to develop new designs for your tshirts and other swag.

What have you seen work well with your Facebook fanpage?