Vegas Suburbs by delbz on Flickr
It’s true. Most people lead boring, un-eventful lives. Most of your customers probably work a nine to fiver, have a long commute, watch American Idol, and occasionally have average sex with an average partner in an average house in the burbs.

If most people are bored, with enough free time to read the Facebook news feed of their equally boring friends, it’s kindof patetic us marketers have such a hard time getting people’s attention. Why’s this? Because we (marketers) are no different than our customers: boring as hell.

Recently I subscribed to copywriter Ben Settle’s email list. I do this sometimes – subscribe to random e-mail lists – just to see how other marketers think. Ben sent me an intro-PDF with this amazing tip to combat marketing bordom:

Street-smart email secret #1: Make your emails fun

What’s the easiest way to stick out in the inbox? That’s easy… make your emails fun to read.

Fact is, if I could only use one email “technique” this would be it.

Reason why is because people crave fun. Most people are bored to tears, and want nothing more than to be a part of an adventure (even if vicariously through you). So if you want to make more sales… make your emails fun (not a chore, like everyone else’s emails) to read.

Say something whacky, or bizarre, or off the wall.

Be the person who always has something interesting and fascinating to share, that people can’t WAIT to hear from. Do that and they’ll eagerly tune into your “station” each day, while ignoring the people who only contact them when they are launching a new product or whatever.

If you’ve ever wondered why on earth people watch reality TV and buy tabloids, now you know. Adventure and gossip sell. Light the imagination and watch your business take off. If nobody is paying attention to your company it’s probably because your marketing is average and boring! Don’t think so? Ever heard of illusory superiority?