Featured Work Space: FullContact

The Company

FullContact is solving the world’s contact information problem. Their cloud-based contact management system helps individuals and businesses manage their contacts without the hassle of duplicate contacts, partial records, and incomplete records. They also provide contact management APIs, which are used by thousands of developers around the world to enrich contact data in CRM, marketing automation, and other apps. (more…)

The best startup pumpkins

Well now that the leaves are falling in hoards, surely you know it’s that time of year again. The time you test your patience with an Exacto knife and pumpkin. I’ve gathered the most inspiring technology and startup related pumpkins (did you even know there was such a thing!? pumpkin marketing rocks!) for you to use as a roadmap when envisioning the masterpiece that will grace your (and your office’s) front stoop this Halloween. (more…)

The data challenge with B2B marketing

So we all know that analyzing data can help grow your business; the caveat is that it only works if you know what you need to measure. I think it’s important to set your goals first and tie trackable metrics to each step, rather than gathering all the data you possibly can and then trying to decide what to do with it. It sounds so simple but so many people rush to track everything and then get overwhelmed with the data, unable to make any decisions based upon what they’ve found. (more…)

Thoughts on Twitter Ads?

We recently gave Twitter ads (their new DIY platform) a whirl for the first time and so far I’m not thrilled with the lack of transparency or the results.  We’ve tried both Promoted Account advertising (where they suggest folks follow your account under “Who to follow”) and Promoted Tweets advertising (where they display a Tweet of your choosing in other people’s feeds). (more…)

Featured Work Space: Zendesk

The Company

Zendesk is the leading provider of proven, cloud-based customer service software. More than 20,000 companies such as Gilt Groupe, Box, and Disney are using Zendesk to lower their support costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Loved by both service teams and their customers for its beautifully simple interface, Zendesk is easy to try, buy, implement, and use. (more…)

Weekly startup swag roundup

Another day, another startup shirt. But some clearly standout from the rest. Check out these awesome startup threads, found through a quick search on the Internet this week: (more…)

How our virtual office made us better

Two years ago when we ditched our downtown office in lieu of working from home, we thought we were making the right decision but still had some major concerns about how it was going to play out. Some of the biggest unanswered questions at the time involved the fate of our work ethic, communication, and company culture. I wanted to share with you what has happened in each of those areas. (more…)

Don’t miss out on Denver Startup Week

Speaking of how much Denver rocks for startups, did you know that from October 22nd-27th the city will be hosting its first annual Denver Startup Week? It’ll be the biggest event for entrepreneurship and startups in the city’s history. We’re totally stoked to attend and I bet you will be too. (more…)

Give swag to the right people

Like most people you’ve probably received a piece of promotional merchandise from a completely random company at some point, even if it was only a pen. If your experiences have been anything like mine, you’ve never given the merchandise or more importantly the company, a second thought if it wasn’t relevant to you.  As with any sort of marketing it’s crucial to identify people who actually impact your business before investing in them! (more…)

Featured Work Space: Name.com

The Company

Name.com is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. Their easy-to-use website makes getting online simple. They offer a wide variety of domain extensions as well as shared and VPS web hosting, a drag & drop website builder, search engine optimization tools, security features and more. (more…)