If you work in marketing you probably wake up every morning asking yourself, “What would Don Draper do?” Luckily this Tumblr blog has you covered. But if that simply won’t cut it, I suggest Don-ning (get it!?) your office with these 5 Mad Men worthy items, sure to help you capture a level of success similar to the brilliant ad man’s.

1.) Grab the iRetrophone (a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset) to assist in seeding your PR stories across the country.

2.) Be sure you always have drink glasses and a heavily stocked liquor cabinet, to get through the day.

3.) Snag a heavy duty mid-century stapler for creating a book of all your emails.

4.) Don’t forget the cat-eye glasses for seducing your co-workers.

5.) And finally, be sure you’ve got a  postage scale handy to weigh the amount of fan-mail you receive each day.

Or, on second thought, just buy yourself this poster and get on with creating amazing advertising campaigns!