You can set your vision, figure out how you sit in the market or how you’re going to revolutionize this or that. What you can’t do, is determine how to get there. It just wont work. There are too many things to do, too many areas of the company. Your only hope of ever finding your way to your vision is through your team.

And you’ll most likely disagree with their suggestions. But that’s the point, and that’s why you have to listen. They know more than you. Whichever area of the company they’re passionate about you have to learn from them. Ask them questions. If you don’t think they’re right, figure out where they’re coming from, don’t fight them. The more you listen the more you’ll understand how to grow your company.

You’ll also find they listen to you more. The more you force your way of thinking, the more defensive they’ll get and the less they’ll care about what you have to say or how you can help. Instead, just listen and ask questions. The more respect they feel from you, the more they’ll want your help want to learn from you too.

Keep track of how much you talk and how much you listen each day. Then double your listening time.