custom labels create customer loyalty and differentiation on the cheap
I just received my first-ever order from, and I’ll be ordering again. I haven’t even tried any of the wine yet. And it’s not because they have the best price, or biggest selection. The reason I’m a loyal customer is because of something little, something kinda stupid, but something that’s absoltuley brilliant.

With every order, they include these innovative custom neck tags. So when I put my wine in the wine rack, I can see the name of the wine, the price I paid, and how the wine was rated. And on the back, there’s room for tasting notes and a place to indicate if I’d order it again. This makes it super easy to remember to put notes inĀ, my favorite site for tracking wine.

More often than not, creating customer loyalty doesn’t take big bucks. It’s about the little things that set you apart from your competition.