There are millions of transaction points over the life of a “social media” relationship. Let’s start with one of the first: right after the follow. What do you do? Follow back? Tweet thanks? Send a DM?

After following a social media brand on Twitter I recently received this DM:

Thanks for the follow SwagLove. Hope you find some interesting stuff on Social Media in Business with us.

This is obviously an auto-DM. And I know that link is self-serving without even clicking on it! Go ahead and push your stuff on your website, but on social you have to earn that privilege. Sending a message like this right after someone follow you is not a long enough relationship!

It’s like trying for a home run on the first date

This never works! Instead, say hi. Ask something genuine about the person or their business. Tweet your thanks. Tell others that you followed me. Do something engaging!

What do you think? How do you start off your social relationships?