For a company offering software as a service, a login page is necessary: your customers won’t be able to access your application otherwise. But just because the page is necessary doesn’t mean that it should also be boring: it’s a page that your customers will see over and over again, making it valuable marketing real estate. You need to put serious thought into how your login page is designed to maximize its marketing and account management value.

The options of what you can do with your login page are endless. The examples below are just starting points. You can turn your login page into a major contributor to your marketing efforts, just as these screenshots show.

Do you have something to sell?

Pardot Login Page UX Upsell Example

Pardot‘s main product is marketing automation software. The company is also promoting their annual user conference, with an exclusive discount offer. It’s an event that will help Pardot’s customers make better use of the software. Pardot’s advertising the event on its login page — a logical step because many users likely skip the home page and head straight to logging in via a bookmark once they’ve established their accounts.

Can you provide support?

Zendesk Login Page UI Example

Zendesk sells an app that helps companies provide technical support, so it makes sense the support offered through Zendesk’s site is out-of-this-world. That support even extends to the login page, which educates users on how to effectively use Zendesk, including video tutorials.

Do you have content to share with your users?

Hootsuite Login Page with Recent Blog Posts

Hootsuite looks like a typical login page, at least on the top half of the screen. But once the necessary parts of logging in are taken care of, Hootsuite makes use of the rest of the screen real estate to share recent blog posts. The content Hootsuite has developed as a part of its overall strategy will help cement its relationship with users and may even inspire some to upgrade their accounts.

Have you added new features to your app?

Screen Shot of Marketo's Login Page - Login page Example Idea

Marketo‘s approach to adding value to its login page is relatively simple: three large CTA banners. One for upcoming events, one for new features, and one for ongoing eduction. The approach highlights Marketo’s ongoing commitment to the customer, beyond just the software, hopefully improving customers desire to maintain their subscriptions.

Do you have more than one piece of information to share with your users? login page with rotating slideshow

Box uses more than one strategy to amp up the marketing value of its login page. Just what appears on the login page changes with what the company currently wants to share: the information slideshow presented next to the login box include product updates, links and event details.

What other login pages pack a marketing punch?

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