Most companies do a great job of explaining what they do. Tell you how they can solve your problem. Express their marketing message correctly or show how their product will improve your life. Whatever they do, they can usually articulate it fairly well. What very few companies do is guarantee their solution. They’ll help you improve your life but they wont guarantee it. Or if they do, it’s usually a marketing ploy and they don’t really mean it.

Guarantee is a very harsh word. It’s black and white. You either succeed or you don’t. There is a huge risk of failure. This also provides a chance of great success. It forces focus and helps limit scope creep.

Guaranteeing a solution is most important within your  company. However your market your service, you should always say you guarantee your solution internally. Every employee should focus on this guarantee. Strive to ensure this guarantee comes true in everything they do and in every interaction they have with their customers.

You’ll be surprised at the excitement, and fear, you hear in your employees when you tell them you’re going to guarantee your solution. You’ll also be surprised at how well they rise to the challenge.