The most important thing you can give your employees is ownership. This is their company, not  just yours. At some point during the process of growing your company you gave it away. Our, you should have. As you grow, you’ll never be able to make every decision, or even know about every decision. It’s up to your employees to decide how the company grows. All you get to do is occasionally provide some influence and help point the way. You can either embrace this fact, or fight it.

During interviews, the number one reason I’m told why employees left their last job was they weren’t given ownership. They had no power over their job or over the company in general. When someone has no ownership, they’re not going to work very hard. Instead of getting a 10x boost from each new employee you only get a 1.5x, if that. Because of this, you’re cutting your legs off every time you give an order or make a decision for somebody.

If you are able to give up ownership, the return is unreal. You’ll have way more fun working with peers versus drones. The excitement you’ll all create building a company together, where everybody owns their success, is electric. Your stress will evaporate and your personal output will skyrocket.

You know you’re successful when you can leave for a year and when you return, your company has grown above and beyond your vision. I’m not advocating for year long sabbaticals, but this should always be in the back of your mind.

And this starts with employee number one.