Everything you do should be focused on success. One of the questions you should ask every employee, all the time, is “Was it successful?” You should do this for several reasons. First, it allows you to know what to repeat. It creates a deadline and forces a quantifiable action and result. Otherwise it’s very easy for projects to drag on or to have no idea what works and what doesn’t.

Second, it helps everybody understand what the vision looks like in real life. Visions are great, but you can’t execute on a vision, at least not daily. The better framework you can create to help employees understand what success looks like in the flesh, the easier it will be for them to attain it.

And third, it allows you, and them, to enjoy the successes. In a growing company, there’s always a million things to do. It’s very easy to do one task or project, then immediately jump to the next one. This gets tiring and kills moral. The more you can take time and celebrate your successes, the more you want to keep getting them. Those high level revenue goals are essential but it’s so hard for an individual employee to feel ownership over those numbers.

A much better way for them to feel ownership and pride is through their individual successes along the way.Help your employees understand what success looks like, how to quantify it, and most importantly why they should even care about the small wins. The only way to hit your big revenue goals is through smaller successes. The more little wins you get the bigger the snowball becomes.