The Company

Founded in 2010 by Rajat Bhargava, Matthew Bellows, and Cashman Andrus, Yesware is an email tool for salespeople. With the tool you can easily track emails, create templates, CRM sync, and more. Yesware’s reports and analytics give salespeople unprecedented feedback about how their messages are being received. And as a result it helps sellers close more deals faster. They’re currently based out of south Boston with 13 full-time employees and are growing every month.

The Philosophy

Because Yesware puts a priority on productivity, their office is unique in that their environment is probably best described as being like a reading room at a University around exam time. The majority of the space is a huge open room, where a bunch of people are in close contact with desks next to one-another, but very focused on their work. In general they try hard to minimize interruptions and distractions. Meetings are kept to a bare minimum and usually only consist of two or three people interested in coordinating efforts and synchronizing development projects. Yesware is also working on the idea of improving the “modern work space.” Regardless of how nice an office space is, if employees are busy staring at computer monitors and using 20th century applications while actually doing work, most end up not appreciating the physical environment that much. So one of Yesware’s goals is to improve the experience employees are having on their computers by taking into consideration where their awareness is while they’re working, providing flexibility to the users’ activities. For example one way they’ve contributed to making said environment better is that their Yesware product is contextual- it has everything to do with what the user is doing, not with where the application is installed.

The Space

The Features

  • In its previous lives their office was a sweat shop and an ad agency
  • Located in a large peninsula-like building that sticks out into the street
  • Gigantic windows on 3 sides of the building allowing for a lot of light
  • Entrance hallway separated from the main open area by plywood permeable screen
  • Large open space with desks
  • Meeting rooms along one side of the building

What We Love

  • Beautiful Yesware logo carved into the clever plywood wall
  • A strong focus on productivity
  • Their push for improving the modern work space

What a unique space based in a startup-strong city! What part of their office do you like the best?

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