The Company

Weather Underground ( is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible. Their state-of-the-art technology monitors conditions and forecasts for locations around the world, so you’ll always find the weather information you need. In addition to providing free, real-time online weather information to millions of Web users around the world, also offers newspaper weather services and custom site weather packages.

The Philosophy

At wunderground, ideas are inspired through an open forum for creativity, constant collaboration, and even a groundhog. With Alan the Groundhog as the company’s mascot, wunderground adds a fun and engaging element to the science behind the weather. At their office, you’ll find laid-back workspaces with everyone sharing an element of their personalities through the décor- providing an excellent conversation started for any visitor. When the team isn’t inside reporting on the weather, they can be found enjoying it outside with a game of sand volleyball or lunch along the wharf.

The Space

The Features

  • Located in China Basin across the street from AT&T Park
  • Waterfront location
  • Total of 9,000 sq. ft.
  • Home to some very unique workspaces and Geek Desks
  • Access to sand volleyball and basketball courts
  • Company bicycles
  • Tetris machine
  • Office photos provided by their WunderPhoto Community

What We Love

  • The views from the amazing waterfront location
  • We love rockin’ it old school, awesome Tetris machine!
  • The custom workspaces with Geek Desks

Thanks to Weather Underground for the sneak peak behind the weather! What part of their office do you like the best?

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