The Company

Swipely, founded in 2009 by Angus Davis, is a simple way for local merchants to accept payments, track customers and grow sales. Through Swipely’s service, leading restaurants, salons and boutiques across the country are unlocking big data behind every payment they accept using Swipely to better understand customers and bring them back. Swipely includes four core benefits, integrating payments and marketing in one easy to use online dashboard: world-class processing, powerful analytics, targeted campaigns and loyalty programs.

The Philosophy

Swipely is headquartered in Providence, RI at the foot of Wickenden Street, one of Providence’s main streets filled with local merchants including awesome restaurants and cafes. Because Swipely helps local merchants track and grow revenue they work alongside their customers. Their brand pillars include:

  1. A transparent approach
  2. Learning more everyday
  3. Measuring performance
  4. Making data actionable

In terms of their space- Engineering, Marketing, Partner Success, Inside Sales and Business Development, and Finance work from headquarters. They also have a Sales Team that’s on the street in the city’s they serve: NY, SF, DC, BOS, and PVD. Engineers generally work 2 to a station and have recently raised their desks to be standing desks.

The Space

The Features

  • 2 floors of office space with a staircase and railing that give the feeling of being on a boat (RI is the Ocean State!)
  • Lots of openness, bright sunlight and conference rooms (formal with tables and informal with couches and pillows)
  • Common eating/ happy hour area- the team often eats lunch together, bringing in food from awesome local Swipely merchants
  • Fully stocked kitchen and snack room

What We Love

  • Everyone wears yellow on Fridays…just because
  • A lot of the office goes on a regular mid-afternoon stroll to get some fresh air
  • Creamsicle the horse!
  • Inspirational colorful patterns throughout
  • A location right next to the customers they serve

Great digs! What’s your favorite part of their space?

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