The Company: Safe Shepherd is a venture-backed technology startup based in San Francisco, founded by Robert Leshner and Geoff Hayes in 2011.  The company offers a service to help consumers remove their personal information from companies selling it.  Safe Shepherd also devotes significant time and resources to lobby for anti-stalking and pro-privacy policy.

The Philosophy: Their team of 7 believes in constant collaboration, direct communication, transparency, and a loud and open culture.  The focus of the space is a long communal deskspace, inspired by a trading floor.  Private spaces such as the conference room are semi-public, and doors are left open, in the belief that there should be no secrets within the company.  A central music system, controlled by all members of the company, plays throughout the entire space, and encourages individual expression.

The Space:

The Features:

  • A completely open floor plan
  • 7 inward facing desks
  • Kitchen and dining room with full wet-bar
  • Conference room overlooking North Beach SF
  • A distributed audio system with open controls
  • Nap room / reading room

What We Love:

  • The whiteboards: beyond the beautiful spontaneous featured art, they’re a great way to lead a discussion and foster brainstorming
  • The brick which adds character and lends a feel of blending the old with the new- building on history to inspire the future
  • Open environment inspiring collaboration
  • Inward facing desks making for easy and accidental conversation
  • Super comfy chairs- there’s nothing like sitting in style

What’s your favorite part of their space?

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