The Company: Quixey is a Mountain View based startup founded in 2009 by Tomer Kagan and Liron Shapira. Dubbed the “App Search Experts,” the company provides a search engine designed to find apps based on a user’s description of what they want to do. In a landscape previously organized by top ten lists and directories, Quixey aims to help people find apps and solve problems by searching and finding apps in the easiest way possible.

The Philosophy: Quixey recognizes that apps have the power to improve people’s lives, and embodies a culture that champions their influence. Quixey employees look forward to Monday mornings because not only are they passionate about their work, but also provided with an area to do it in that meets their every need. The new “Quixeyplex” is changing daily, channeling its creative design through each department’s unique traits. Quixiers love tackling challenging problems at every turn—witness their office’s high dry-erase-to-total-surface ratio.

The Space:

The Features:

  • Two open levels connected by dual escalators
  • Themed conference rooms—Nautical, Future, Movie Theater, to name a few
  • Engineering “cubes” complete with sliding whiteboard doors
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Games/relaxation room
  • Large meeting area/mess hall
  • Proximity to public transport, community center

What We Love:

  • Got to take a peak before the office was completely renovated- a first!
  • Creatively themed conference rooms
  • The large main area for the company to come together for lunches and meetings
  • Office reflects the design of the company: minimalist, clean lines
  • Great that the engineers have space to grow
  • Fully decked out kitchen for whipping up an awesome lunch

What a cool office! What’s your favorite part of their space?

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