The Company: Highgroove Studios is a team of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts committed to rapidly developing, deploying, and scaling web applications for companies. Since 2005, they’ve provided lean, agile development for tons of clients, written several books, taught workshops and classes around the world, developed several popular libraries and plugins, and met a bunch of great people.

The Philosophy: They’ve always been lean and agile.  They love iterating on everything, and their office space is no exception. If something works, they embrace it. If it doesn’t work, they change it.

Before the move into their new space, they created a document with what the “new” office space should have, starting with use cases that included things like optimal workspace setups that also allow for pair programming (working closely with another developer), great meeting spaces, and the ability to make a tasty espresso and take a nap on the couch. When someone said something like, “We should have a mural in the new space!” they added it to the list. When someone said, “We should have sit/stand desks for working,” they added it to the list.

The new office was not “designed by committee” but was rather an iteration from a team, where the most important features were moved to the top of the list, the least important were put at the bottom, and they changed and adapted over time.  At all points, everyone had input, and everyone could see their own contributions.

They ended up with a great space that offers many of the things they wanted, and it’s a great place for working and collaboration. They’re near two train stations, and their door literally opens onto Atlanta’s BeltLine, a developing multi-use trail through the heart of the city. Their workspace reflects their commitment to be a creative, engaged and welcoming presence in their community.

The Space:

The Features:

What We Love:

  • It’s an awesome creative workspace in the heart of ATL
  • They encourage a healthy lifestyle with bikes and standing desks
  • Pairing rooms for optimal work and collaboration
  • Open communication through a central board

Awesome office, huh? What’s your favorite part of their space?

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