The Company

Founded by Will Critchlow and Duncan Morris in 2005, Distilled helps companies grow their businesses online through search marketing. They’re a team of enthusiastic internet marketers based in London, UK with offices in Seattle and New York. They believe in sharing knowledge through their blog, conferences, and interactive training. And they were kind enough to share a peek behind the scenes of their London office with us!

The Philosophy

Distilled is a (personable) geek at heart and has set itself the goal of being the best place for the best people to work. With that mind, when they’re not busy marketing their clients, you’ll find Team Creative and the SEOs enjoying a spot of lunchtime kick-about at the top of the office or competing fiercely in a customary Mario Kart session in the bean bag room. But it’s not all gaiety and mirth over at Distilled, they also have a keen grasp of the important when it comes to budget and company spends. Sure, Will and Duncan’s meeting room doesn’t yet contain a phone or table but there is a fully stocked “drinks” cabinet in charming globe form. Where else would they keep the whisky?

The Space

The Features

  • The red room- the boardroom
  • The green room- the A/V suite
  • The blue room- the beanbag/Mario Kart room
  • The orange room- Will and Duncan’s meeting room
  • Communal music system- no Justin Bieber though please, although the 90s playlist is a favorite with the Events girls on a Friday
  • Group dining area/Beer o’clock platform

What We Love

  • Inspiring typography decking the walls
  • Awesome view
  • We call Luigi in the next round of Mario Kart!
  • Large open space for collaboration

Always interesting to check out an office abroad! What part of their office do you like the best?

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