The Company: Clipix is an online organizational tool that was founded in February of 2012 by Oded Berkowitz, a veteran Wall Street professional and web entrepreneur. Oded created Clipix out of a personal need for a tool that would allow us to save and share links, documents, photos and video with one click, and provide a visual and organized environment for all of the things we all see online, and want to come back to.

The Philosophy: The dedicated group of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, and developers at Clipix believe in constant collaboration and care deeply about the experience they create for their users.  Clipix has the stability, business fundamentals, and capital of an established company with the atmosphere and mindset of a hot startup. The focus of the space is an open desks set up, with low dividers for better collaboration and communication between team members. Three private offices, a user experience room, as well as the conference room are all glass, in the belief that lines of communication and doors are always open within the company. 

The Space:

The Features:

  • A completely open floor plan for open communication
  • A lounge area with a large bright orange leather couch and chairs where employees can sit on, collaborate and brain-storm with one another comfortably
  • Kitchen and dining area for employees to sit and enjoy lunch
  • Outdoor seating area if employees choose to dine outside
  • Conference room
  • Birthday celebrations for each employee’s birthday
  • Free Clipix t-shirts for all team members (and anyone else)

What We Love:

  • Open area for free-flowing collaboration
  • Inward facing desks making for easy and accidental conversation
  • Whiteboards in the Conference Room to foster Artistic Mockups & brainstorming
  • Stylish workspace with a color “pop” – in Clipix orange

Great digs! What’s your favorite part of their space?

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