The digital space is mighty crowded. There’s no excuse for using a email if you care about building solid relationships and having strong customer service. This message recently made its way across Twitter. Note the sarcasm. Others (including us) retweeted it. It wasn’t good!

What’s wrong with No Reply?

Using a No Reply in your email marketing implies you’re too important to help your customers should they have a question. You might as well send your e-mails from It says “You can email us but don’t count on hearing back from a real person.”

What about linking to a contact form within the email?

Even if you clearly link to a contact form, it still puts a burden on your customer. You’re making the customer jump through hoops. If you’re worried about replies not getting into your support ticketing system, try creating a friendly alias like or and route this to your queue.

Try something human instead!

Your customer facing email address is a chance for you to build your relationship with customers while reinforcing your brand. So instead of an unfriendly handle like No Reply, use something that’s funny, interesting or unique. This lets customers know you care. It will build customer loyalty and make you stand out. Showing a little personality gives your customers a reason to talk about your company and spread your brand by word-of-mouth.

Here’s one we love from Sticker Giant.

Robots are not humans

Here’s another interesting way to handle the No Reply issue from Moo Cards. Although the company has a no-reply address, they handle it in a very clever way that actually creates a connection with their customer. They do this by acknowledging it’s a bot AND by directing users through their┬ácustomer service process – a process that ends with a human.

Marketing takeaway

You don’t want to be “that” company being talked about poorly on the internet. Or the one that gets customers but somehow can’t seem to keep ‘em. Be the company that creates a human connection in a fun and interesting way. It’s a quick way to create customer loyalty and humanize your business.

Have you seen a great e-mail reply address or way to address the bot issue? Send yours in and we’ll thank you by sending you your choice of free swag.