The other night at a business networking event, someone brought up the idea of “earning the right to be an a-hole”. They were referring to someone who was well-known in our industry but wasn’t very helpful to up-and-coming talent.

I don’t understand how anyone could possibly think they have “earned” the right to be rude to others.

Yet many people – and companies – think like this. In all industries. I’m sure you can think of someone like this.

I want to know why some ‘successful’ people think they’re above other people.¬†Maybe it’s something rooted deep in human evolution?

Or maybe it’s an opportunity to be more like Gary Vaynerchuk or Jason Fried. These guys are the anti-thesis. They’re successful, worked their asses off, and are ‘famous’ in their industry.

And they’re still genuinely nice, approachable, and willing to help others when they can.

Maybe that’s because these nice guys know happiness studies suggest giving back and helping others makes you happier. So you really can be selfish and make the world a better place!

I sure hope the¬†Mean Girls of the business world don’t last much longer!