It’s common knowledge, meetings suck. No one wants to go to them, everybody believes they’re a waste of time. Yet the answer continually suggested is to stop them, or cut them in half, or set time limits. That’s like saying, you’re getting fat, so stop eating. That’s not the answer. It only makes the problem worse.

The real answer, is to attack the problem head on. If your meetings are inefficient, wasteful, or not enjoyed, you most likely have a communication problem. In order to solve that communication problem you should be communicating, a lot. Instead of cutting your meeting time, extend it. Do it all day, do it all week. Doesn’t matter.

The more you talk and the more time you ‘waste’, the better at communicating your team will become. Your meetings will become more efficient on their own. You’ll get way more out of them and most likely, end up doing way less of them. But you have to take that first step, you have to do more to do less.

This applies to anything in your company. If something’s not working don’t ignore it. Take the time to actually solve it.