You can’t create your culture through meetings. Even if you do more of them. You can’t create it through ping pong tables or weekly happy hours. You don’t create culture through a document, or a presentation, or by doing one nice thing a day. You create culture by doing all the right things all the time.

Every interaction you have with fellow employees, no matter how small, is a huge opportunity to create the culture you want in your company. If you’re rude, or distant, or unwilling to help, then that’s the culture you’ll have, no matter what the culture document says. On the flip side, if you’re excited to help, always 5 minutes early, always prepared, always positive, you’re culture will look drastically different. Asking, “what can I do to help?” will create a much bigger impact than a company lunch each week.

It’s easy to write down what you want to be and forget about it. You feel like you’ve done your job and you can simply point each employee to your document so they know what the culture should look like. But your culture is your habits. What you do, who you are. It doesn’t matter what any document says.

Each person in the company creates their own culture. And each person is effected by everybody else’s. The combination of these individual cultures creates the overall company culture. It’s an organic thing, always growing, always changing. All you can do is focus on yourself and ensure the people you work with already embody the culture you want to be a part of.

So what’s your individual culture?