Complexity is easy to create. Just add all that new functionality your customers want. Give them that 5th shipping option or payment method. Allow them full control over your system and let them decide what to do with it.

It’s easy to create complex systems because you’ve removed yourself from the decision making. You’re now putting all the decisions on your customers. They have to know the best way to use your complex application now. They have to pick the right shipping option or understand whether to do A or B first.

The problem should be evident… they have to make the decisions. You’re supposed to be the expert. You’re supposed to know everything there is to know about your industry and your application, yet you’re letting them make all the decisions. Your customers don’t know anything about your industry or your application, that’s why they’re coming to you.

Simplicity is hard. It’s much harder to write a short sentence than a long one. Much harder to only have the right functionality than all the functionality. But if you’re able to do this. If you’re able to take on the responsibility of making the decisions, you’ll end up with something your customers would never have come up with on their own. And this is why they’ll love you.

Your value is your simplicity, not your features.