Trello, a web-based project management appĀ from Fog Creek Software that can also be synced with a smartphone app, makes project collaboration simple and rather enjoyable. And as of yesterday it boasts 500,000 signups, which is awesome- and the way they decided to celebrate is even awesomer (I don’t care, it should be a word).

All day yesterday they had their mysterious husky mascot Taco (and what a handsome fellow he is) hanging out in different places across their site delivering surprise gifts (trophies) to their first 500,00 users.

What a great way to delight their customers, and thank them at the same time- while celebrating an important milestone.

The lesson here? At a startup, when you’re stretched for human resources and time, it’s often easier to do nothing than to stop and plan out a celebration ahead of time- particularly one that involves more than grabbing pizza together. But it’s so important to remember to have some established meaningful metrics (no vanity here) to work towards and to thank your customers when you get there.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend months planning a million dollar bash worrying about catering, invitations, etc. Try to find something that’s truer to your core. Often times easter eggs on your site, thank you cards, or a bit of swag will do the trick.

How and what have you celebrated?