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5 ways swag will grow your startup’s profits

I know what you’re thinking, sure t-shirts are great but can they really make an impact on my startup’s bottom line?

The resounding answer is YES!! Here are 5 ways you can effectively use t-shirts to grow profits: (more…)

Has the Internet really liberated us?

On a daily basis I’m able to organize events on Facebook, discover news and research topics on Google, and share my thoughts on WordPress. Furthermore I’m able to work because the amazing power of the web allows startups like Printfection to thrive. As a result I’d come to think that the Internet has liberated us. (more…)

5 whiteboarding tips for effective meetings

Whiteboards are a great way to effectively lead a discussion during a meeting. They can help you present ideas, guide the conversation, and record the conclusions as they develop. As a result a lot of startups have whiteboards dispersed throughout their offices (like Wistia, Highgroove, Swipely, and Safe Shepherd). (more…)

Quick tips for rocking tradeshows and conferences

I know you’re always working to spread the word about your company, so if you’re planning on hitting the road for an event, here are a couple tips to help maximize your impact while you’re there: (more…)

Featured Work Space:

The Company: is a one-stop shop where anyone can publish anything as a print or eBook for free and sell it to customers all over the world.  Since 2002, has helped over one million creators in over 200 countries and territories publish their remarkable works.  Creators set their own price and keep up to 90 percent of the profits when their book sells.  By introducing the world’s first Open-Publishing APIs for developers, is providing creators, businesses and publishers with even more freedom to create their own custom publishing solutions, powered by, and marketed under their own brands. (more…)

Attract new customers by rocking your Facebook fanpage

While its IPO may have been over-hyped, there’s no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool in your marketing plan.  So we’ve come up with a couple content ideas for your fanpage to help increase the reach and influence of your brand: (more…)

7 Suggested tweets for promoting your brand

You’re in marketing so you probably tweet no less than 10 times a day. I understand that coming up with new things to say can be taxing. So I’ve composed a couple tweet ideas that should help you get the word out about your brand.  Go on and take a brain break: (more…)

Office items fit for Don Draper and you

If you work in marketing you probably wake up every morning asking yourself, “What would Don Draper do?” Luckily this Tumblr blog has you covered. But if that simply won’t cut it, I suggest Don-ning (get it!?) your office with these 5 Mad Men worthy items, sure to help you capture a level of success similar to the brilliant ad man’s. (more…)

Applying Colin Powell’s leadership advice to your startup

Attention! By now you’ve probably heard Colin Powell‘s 13 rules of leadership (like “It ain’t as bad as you think” and “Share credit“). If you haven’t, you can catch them here. (more…)

5 Great books every entrepreneur and marketer should read

Remember those summer reading lists your school and library used to give to you? This is sort of like that, but way better. We’ve curated a list of top titles to help you take your company to the next level. We’ve included a range of topics: everything from motivation and psychology, to making big decisions strategically and innovating, to exploring the day to day grind of operating a business starting from scratch. Forge ahead: (more…)