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How to design your SaaS login page for maximum marketing value

For a company offering software as a service, a login page is necessary: your customers won’t be able to access your application otherwise. But just because the page is necessary doesn’t mean that it should also be boring: it’s a page that your customers will see over and over again, making it valuable marketing real estate. You need to put serious thought into how your login page is designed to maximize its marketing and account management value.

The options of what you can do with your login page are endless. The examples below are just starting points. You can turn your login page into a major contributor to your marketing efforts, just as these screenshots show. (more…)

Featured Work Space: Skyscope Creative

The Company

Skyscope Creative is a startup video marketing agency based in the Greater Boston area, founded by Sam Shepler, Gabe Gerzon, and Alex Dunn in 2012.  Their mission is to provide creative marketing video for innovation companies, from growing startups to large technology firms.  With backgrounds in filmmaking and business strategy, they are devoted to producing cinematic video that delivers business results. (more…)

Featured Work Space: Weather Underground

The Company

Weather Underground ( is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible. Their state-of-the-art technology monitors conditions and forecasts for locations around the world, so you’ll always find the weather information you need. In addition to providing free, real-time online weather information to millions of Web users around the world, also offers newspaper weather services and custom site weather packages. (more…)

Featured Work Space: SendGrid

The Company

Founded in 2009, after graduating from the TechStars program, SendGrid has developed a cloud based service that solves the challenge of email delivery by delivering emails on behalf of companies. They currently have 5 offices and were kind enough to let us check out their latest here in Denver. (more…)

Thoughts on Twitter Ads?

We recently gave Twitter ads (their new DIY platform) a whirl for the first time and so far I’m not thrilled with the lack of transparency or the results.  We’ve tried both Promoted Account advertising (where they suggest folks follow your account under “Who to follow”) and Promoted Tweets advertising (where they display a Tweet of your choosing in other people’s feeds). (more…)

Don’t miss out on Denver Startup Week

Speaking of how much Denver rocks for startups, did you know that from October 22nd-27th the city will be hosting its first annual Denver Startup Week? It’ll be the biggest event for entrepreneurship and startups in the city’s history. We’re totally stoked to attend and I bet you will be too. (more…)

Give swag to the right people

Like most people you’ve probably received a piece of promotional merchandise from a completely random company at some point, even if it was only a pen. If your experiences have been anything like mine, you’ve never given the merchandise or more importantly the company, a second thought if it wasn’t relevant to you.  As with any sort of marketing it’s crucial to identify people who actually impact your business before investing in them! (more…)

10 reasons Denver is the city for startups

If you’re thinking about starting a company- do it in Denver. If you’re thinking about moving your startup- move it to Denver. Denver not only boasts the right economic and demographic conditions, but the startup movement here is building and you could get in on the ground level. Need more to be persuaded? (more…)

Nabbing exceptional talent for your startup

Whether you work for a record label, a startup, a hospital, or a Hollywood studio, we’re all trying to spot the best performers but often times we don’t get it quite right.  (more…)

10 SXSW panels you don’t want to miss

Well folks it’s that time of year again. The time when South By Southwest (SXSW) begins to fill your Twitter stream even though it’s months away. If you’re not familiar with the event, SXSW Interactive is an annual conference held in Austin, TX during March every year intended to foster creativity, innovation, and professional growth. (more…)