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Topic: Swag Marketing

When it comes to your swag, make it quality

I think there’s a bit of an impulse to be cheap when it comes to buying swag. Of course you’re worried about costs spiraling, and you’re thinking, well if I’m giving this away for free everyone’s going to take it. Which is true- people will grab pretty much anything that’s free but they’ll probably never use it if you’ve created… read more.

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5 ways swag will grow your startup’s profits

I know what you’re thinking, sure t-shirts are great but can they really make an impact on my startup’s bottom line? The resounding answer is YES!! Here are 5 ways you can effectively use t-shirts to grow profits:

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Startup shirts people love to wear

Look down, are you wearing a t-shirt right now? I bet you are. People love t-shirts and they sport them almost everyday. So why not use shirts to help your startup retain current customers and attract new ones? All you’ve got to do is design threads they’ll be proud to wear (which will actually spread your brand even further as… read more.

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Quick tips for rocking tradeshows and conferences

I know you’re always working to spread the word about your company, so if you’re planning on hitting the road for an event, here are a couple tips to help maximize your impact while you’re there:

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Why you should have a liberal return policy, even if you can’t measure the ROI

Everyone knows the story about how Nordstrom took back a set of tires. But is a super-liberal ‘Nordstrom like’ return policy right for your business? Is it worth the cost? And since you’re running an internet-based business, not a brick and mortar business like Nordstrom, maybe this isn’t the best example. So let me tell you about our return policy…. read more.

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Upgrading the Promotional Products Industry

Although the Internet has created whole new industries like social networking, what it's best known for is revolutionizing current business models. Amazon completely changed how we shop for books. Google completely changed how we find information. Like these two companies, most other Internet companies simply upgrade a current industry.

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Customer-Sourcing Your Next T-Shirt Design

Surfing monkeys, t-shirts, and social media. Seems to be a winning combination for one of the fastest growing email marketing companies on the planet. Check out MailChimp's recent email blast to solicit customer feedback (via social media) for their next t-shirt design:

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What is Merchandise Marketing?

Before developing a Merchandise Marketing strategy, it helps to understand the basic definition of the term, why you should care about merchandise, and how it fits into the overall marketing mix.

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Digital Direct-to-Garment and Silk Screen Printing

So you’re ready to create some t-shirts but you’re not sure which method of printing you should go with? No worries mate, I’ve got you covered with a quick run-down on the pros and cons of each style dispelling information about quality and durability of both silk screen printing and digital direct-to-garment. Based on what you’re trying to accomplish you’ll… read more.

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