Topic: Real Life Examples

How our virtual office made us better

Two years ago when we ditched our downtown office in lieu of working from home, we thought we were making the right decision but still had some major concerns about how it was going to play out. Some of the biggest unanswered questions at the time involved the fate of our work ethic, communication, and company culture. I wanted to share with you what has happened in each of those areas. (more…)

Give swag to the right people

Like most people you’ve probably received a piece of promotional merchandise from a completely random company at some point, even if it was only a pen. If your experiences have been anything like mine, you’ve never given the merchandise or more importantly the company, a second thought if it wasn’t relevant to you.  As with any sort of marketing it’s crucial to identify people who actually impact your business before investing in them! (more…)

Featured Work Space:

The Company is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. Their easy-to-use website makes getting online simple. They offer a wide variety of domain extensions as well as shared and VPS web hosting, a drag & drop website builder, search engine optimization tools, security features and more. (more…)

When it comes to your swag, make it quality

I think there’s a bit of an impulse to be cheap when it comes to buying swag. Of course you’re worried about costs spiraling, and you’re thinking, well if I’m giving this away for free everyone’s going to take it. Which is true- people will grab pretty much anything that’s free but they’ll probably never use it if you’ve created a uncomfortable shirt just featuring your grainy company logo. Or if they do, it will be in a way you never intended or wanted. For example here are the most common ways people treat a t-shirt they own that they got for free that isn’t quality: (more…)

Featured Work Space: Swipely

The Company

Swipely, founded in 2009 by Angus Davis, is a simple way for local merchants to accept payments, track customers and grow sales. Through Swipely’s service, leading restaurants, salons and boutiques across the country are unlocking big data behind every payment they accept using Swipely to better understand customers and bring them back. Swipely includes four core benefits, integrating payments and marketing in one easy to use online dashboard: world-class processing, powerful analytics, targeted campaigns and loyalty programs. (more…)

Startup shirt roundup

Let’s end the week with something easy on the eyes, shall we? Check out these awesome startup threads, found through a quick search on the Internet: (more…)

Upgraded giveaways to delight your customers

Have you used our awesome Giveaway app yet? If not, you should!

We’ve just improved our Giveaways interface, making it even easier for your customers to redeem your swag. Check out the intuitive step-by-step process we designed, which guides folks through redeeming their gift in just two simple steps. (Per usual you can still brand the Giveaway with your company’s logo and designs.) (more…)

Nabbing exceptional talent for your startup

Whether you work for a record label, a startup, a hospital, or a Hollywood studio, we’re all trying to spot the best performers but often times we don’t get it quite right.  (more…)

Featured t-shirt design of the month: Foursquare’s mayor

Designing good swag can be a challenge but it’s important to dig deeper than a logo if you want folks to be excited to sport your threads. We’re ready to help you get your creative juices flowing with this month’s featured t-shirt design. (more…)

Featured Work Space: Quixey

The Company: Quixey is a Mountain View based startup founded in 2009 by Tomer Kagan and Liron Shapira. Dubbed the “App Search Experts,” the company provides a search engine designed to find apps based on a user’s description of what they want to do. In a landscape previously organized by top ten lists and directories, Quixey aims to help people find apps and solve problems by searching and finding apps in the easiest way possible. (more…)