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Pick-up lines for startup geeks

We understand that if you’re working at a startup you’re pretty freaking busy. Which means you’re mostly married to your job, but stepping away from your work can often times give you the perspective you need to solve your latest problem. So why not enjoy tonight out on the town? Here’s a list of the 10 best geek pick up lines, guaranteeing you an amazing Friday night: (more…)

The competition is at home, working their asses off

“Every kid underestimates his competition, and overestimates his chances. Every kid is a sucker for the idea that there’s a way to make it without having to do the actual hard work.

The bars of West Hollywood, London, and New York are awash with people throwing their lives away in the desperate hope of finding a shortcut, any shortcut. Meanwhile the competition is at home, working their asses off.”

Hugh MacLeod‘s book Ignore Everybody via Derek Sivers

When I think about the relationships I’ve developed…

“When I think about the relationships I’ve developed … they evolve over a period of time. They don’t require boondoggles or fancy things; they require sincerity and substantive interaction over a long period of time. Then, when there are moments of opportunity, these are the people that I go to (and hopefully who come to me).”

Brad Feld, on How not to start a relationship.