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When it comes to your swag, make it quality

I think there’s a bit of an impulse to be cheap when it comes to buying swag. Of course you’re worried about costs spiraling, and you’re thinking, well if I’m giving this away for free everyone’s going to take it. Which is true- people will grab pretty much anything that’s free but they’ll probably never use it if you’ve created a uncomfortable shirt just featuring your grainy company logo. Or if they do, it will be in a way you never intended or wanted. For example here are the most common ways people treat a t-shirt they own that they got for free that isn’t quality: (more…)

Upgrading the Promotional Products Industry

Although the Internet has created whole new industries like social networking, what it's best known for is revolutionizing current business models. Amazon completely changed how we shop for books. Google completely changed how we find information. Like these two companies, most other Internet companies simply upgrade a current industry.


4 Ways MoonPie Uses Promotional Merchandise to Grow their Business

One of my favorite snacks are MoonPies. They’ve been around since 1917 and have grown to become one of the most popular snack foods. Nowadays, over a million MoonPies are produced and sold every day! Over the years, the marketing folks at Chattanooga Bakery have learned a thing or two about creating awareness for their products. A key ingredient seems to be their hardcore merchandise marketing strategy.