Topic: Incentive Campaigns

How a major non-profit uses thank-you gifts to increase donations

Check out how World Wildlife Fund uses t-shirts, sweatshirts, plushies and other promo gifts as a reward for making a donation. They’ve been doing this for years, frequently sending email marketing campaigns like the one below. They always feature the cool logo’d items you get for making a donation of X, Y, or Z. They even theme it around holidays and specific species. Their offers are time-based, creating a sense of urgency amongst potential donors.

Non-profits are experts in getting people to take action. A small thank-you gift is all it takes. Next time you're trying to get money, time, or attention from your customers or donors, take a clue from WWF's brilliant marketing strategy. Here's the email I received:


How to Increase Free Trial Reactivations? Zendesk Uses a T-Shirt Call to Action

Zendesk LogoA lot of SaaS (software as a service) companies have 30 day free trials. In the subscription business, one of the primary ways to sign up new customers without breaking the marketing budget is increasing the conversion rate from trials to paying customers. But how?

Increasingly, companies are using sophisticated email marketing techniques like autoresponders and drip campaigns. When a trial expires, a specific email message can be triggered. But what's an effective call-to-action likely to get readers to reactivate their trial and become a paying customer?