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Bring your company to life through Instagram

Recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a photo sharing app that now boasts more than 50 million users and is continuing to rapidly grow. A shocking 58 photos are uploaded per second!  Because of this, it’s important that you assess whether your company should have a presence on the app. (more…)

Be sure you’re taking the right kind of little bets

Many advocates of the lean start up method encourage you to take little bets by shipping a product as soon as possible or at least opening it up for potential customers, regardless of finalized (or any) design. From there you’re encouraged to tweak and make iterations based on your learnings. But design and user experience clearly have an impact on the way people will appreciate (or not) your product. (more…)

How to start social media relationships

There are millions of transaction points over the life of a “social media” relationship. Let’s start with one of the first: right after the follow. What do you do? Follow back? Tweet thanks? Send a DM?

After following a social media brand on Twitter I recently received this DM:

Thanks for the follow SwagLove. Hope you find some interesting stuff on Social Media in Business with us.

This is obviously an auto-DM. And I know that link is self-serving without even clicking on it! Go ahead and push your stuff on your website, but on social you have to earn that privilege. Sending a message like this right after someone follow you is not a long enough relationship!

It’s like trying for a home run on the first date

This never works! Instead, say hi. Ask something genuine about the person or their business. Tweet your thanks. Tell others that you followed me. Do something engaging!

What do you think? How do you start off your social relationships?

[Video] How to create an email newsletter that doesn’t suck

Instead of sending boring promos, try engaging your customers with interesting content and a call-to-action to engage with your brand. Your customers will love it so much they’ll reply with praise and thank-you’s. Seriously! Our last newsletter got over 90 responses and someone even made a YouTube video thanking us! Instead of customers deleting your newsletter un-opened, they’ll read the whole thing and tell everyone they know how great your company is.

How to develop a startup launch strategy: Tenporium

It’s what every startup dreams about: launch day! But how  do you incentivize your first handful of users to try out your service? Tenporium recently launched into private beta after two years of hard work. I had a chance to chat with Luke, one of the founders, about his launch strategy and how they were able to obtain strong traction and positive feedback from early users.


A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Give Away Custom Printed T-Shirts to Reward your Customers

There’s so many ways to go about customer retention & brand loyalty. One way is giving away custom printed t-shirts, mugs, pens, merchandise, or “swag”. Not only does it reward your existing customers, it also helps spread the word. Here’s a step-by-step guide to quickly & easily putting together a t-shirt giveaway.


How to Increase Free Trial Reactivations? Zendesk Uses a T-Shirt Call to Action

Zendesk LogoA lot of SaaS (software as a service) companies have 30 day free trials. In the subscription business, one of the primary ways to sign up new customers without breaking the marketing budget is increasing the conversion rate from trials to paying customers. But how?

Increasingly, companies are using sophisticated email marketing techniques like autoresponders and drip campaigns. When a trial expires, a specific email message can be triggered. But what's an effective call-to-action likely to get readers to reactivate their trial and become a paying customer?


How to design a good looking t-shirt even if you have ZERO design skills

A T-shirt designed by someone with no design skillsWhen we launched our t-shirt giveaway service the first thing I wanted to do was launch an official Printfection giveaway. Except our classic Printfection shirt left a lot to be desired. Nobody at our office even wears the shirt!

Giving a t-shirt away and having it relegated to the bottom of the dresser drawer defeats the whole idea behind giving away free swag. Receiving a bland t-shirt for free is nice, but receiving an awesome free t-shirt is way better.

Instead of giving away our existing, boring t-shirt I managed to create three new, exiciting designs. And I have absolutely no artistic ability! So how’d I do it? A t-shirt design contest!