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The data challenge with B2B marketing

So we all know that analyzing data can help grow your business; the caveat is that it only works if you know what you need to measure. I think it’s important to set your goals first and tie trackable metrics to each step, rather than gathering all the data you possibly can and then trying to decide what to do with it. It sounds so simple but so many people rush to track everything and then get overwhelmed with the data, unable to make any decisions based upon what they’ve found. (more…)

Give swag to the right people

Like most people you’ve probably received a piece of promotional merchandise from a completely random company at some point, even if it was only a pen. If your experiences have been anything like mine, you’ve never given the merchandise or more importantly the company, a second thought if it wasn’t relevant to you.  As with any sort of marketing it’s crucial to identify people who actually impact your business before investing in them! (more…)

10 startup threads to follow on Quora

Quora, a question-and-answer website created, edited, and organized by its community of users, is a good sounding board for discovering popular and distinct opinions within the startup industry. For example check out these 10 questions below to catch many startup founder’s perspectives on a number of different entrepreneurship topics that might currently be puzzling you: (more…)

Pick-up lines for startup geeks

We understand that if you’re working at a startup you’re pretty freaking busy. Which means you’re mostly married to your job, but stepping away from your work can often times give you the perspective you need to solve your latest problem. So why not enjoy tonight out on the town? Here’s a list of the 10 best geek pick up lines, guaranteeing you an amazing Friday night: (more…)

Focusing on wildly important goals

Science has taught us that human beings are genetically hardwired to do one thing at a time with excellence.

But in the world of a startup you’re typically wearing multiple hats and caught up in a blur of day to day activities. Without having a few overarching strategic goals to work towards, your day to day activities and inbox can totally carry you away. You may be a multi-tasker extraordinaire but before you know it Q1 is over and you’re not able to reflect on and measure what you’ve accomplished, because you didn’t set any priorities. Nor have you pushed the company forward in any significant strategic way. (more…)

Group brainstorming doesn’t work

Here at Printfection we’ve recently undertaken a project to refine the wording on our homepage and throughout our site to speak more clearly to our target market. It would have been easy to pile into a room, break out a whiteboard, and start free-styling thoughts in a brainstorm session to determine the new language. But we decided to go another route; instead we’re each privately thinking and developing our suggested copy in separate documents and then will later read and discuss everyone else’s ideas online, refining them to create the ULTIMATE wording (we hope!). Why would we do something that seemingly wastes time and duplicates efforts? Read on young grasshopper… (more…)

What could you do to improve your productivity by 10%?

There’s a lot of GTD and productivity talk in the startupsphere. All fine and dandy, but for most us there’s a laundry list of productivity hacks much simpler than GTD. Things so simple, David Allen would be laughed off the bookshelves if he wrote about them! But since I don’t have any books to sell, let me share my little secret with you… (more…)

The 10 most amazing ways to celebrate the 4th of July

1.) Get a tattoo expressing your undying devotion for your country: (more…)

Ten blogs for marketers at technology companies

If you’re working in advertising and marketing for a tech company or start-up, we’ve rounded up the best blogs for your RSS feed: (more…)

We loved Make Something People Love

If you haven’t already you should check out Alexis Ohanian‘s (he’s the guy behind Reddit, Hipmunk & Breadpig) new book released by Hyperink. It’s a quick and easy read about how to create a product and company that customers love and includes a bunch of real-life examples culled from his personal experience as well as the broader startup community. Beyond building something people want, it’s important you use available tools with care including user experience design, social media, and swag to further delight potential customers. He takes the time to stress that treating your first 100 fans well can go a long way (but don’t think that means you can stop at 100). The point is to build a passionate group of users (as about 80% of the use of your product will come from only 20% of users). For obvious reasons, we particularly enjoyed his take on the benefits of using swag to make folks swoon: (more…)